Lincoln County Permit Search (Washington)

Clerk Offices in Lincoln County, Washington keep public records for a county or local government, including permits. Clerks may be responsible for filing and issuing Lincoln County permits, including building permits, land use permits, access permits, utility permits, and special event permits. These permits allow property owners and residents to conduct demolitions and renovations, host temporary events, reserve public property, or conduct land development upgrades. They may also show whether a building meets fire and Lincoln County building codes and include the name, date, and purpose of the permit. The Clerk Office provides information on how to apply for a permit or how to check if a permit is valid, and their permit records are typically available online.

Lincoln County Clerk Davenport WA 450 Logan Street 99122 509-725-1401

Odessa City Clerk Odessa WA 21 East 1st Avenue 99159 509-982-2401

Town and City Halls in Lincoln County, Washington provide municipal services for their communities, including issuing and filing permits. These permits may be required for building projects, such as renovations, demolitions, repairs, zoning compliance, and land development. In addition to building permits, Town and City Halls may also issue Lincoln County land use permits related to private roads, boundary lines, addresses, and water systems, as well as access permits, utility permits, and special event permits. Lincoln County permit records can prove that a project has a valid permit, and Town and City Halls can also provide information on looking up permit rules, applying for a permit, or finding approved permits. These permit records are often available online through the Town or City Hall website.

Almira City Hall Almira WA 19 South 3rd Street 99103 509-639-2601

Davenport City Hall Davenport WA 411 Morgan Street 99122 509-725-4352

Harrington City Hall Harrington WA 11 South 3rd Street 99134 509-253-4345

Odessa Town Hall Odessa WA 104 West 1st Avenue 99159 509-982-2654

Reardan City Hall Reardan WA 120 South Oak Street 99029 509-796-3921

Reardan Town Hall Reardan WA 120 South Oak Street 99029 509-796-3921

Sprague City Hall Sprague WA 119 West 2nd Street 99032 509-257-2662

Wilbur City Hall Wilbur WA 14 Northwest Division Street 99185 509-647-5821

Wilbur Town Hall Wilbur WA 214 Northwest Division Street 99185 509-647-5821

Commissioners in Lincoln County, Washington work at the local level to provide municipal services, and they are often elected as representative officials. Just as Mayor Offices may issue or file permits, Commissioners may also be responsible for building permits, occupancy permits, and other municipal permits. These permits may be required for building projects such as renovations or demolitions, and they may also be required for special events, using Lincoln County public land, or for oversize or overweight vehicles. Commissioners can provide information on applying for a Lincoln County permit, when permits are necessary, and the requirements for complying with permit rules, as well as assistance locating approved and denied permit applications. Commissioners may provide online access to their permit records and information.

Lincoln County Commissioner Davenport WA 450 Logan Street 99122 509-725-3031

Building Departments in Lincoln County, Washington create and enforce building codes to ensure that buildings are safe. They also review and approve building plans, enforce zoning rules, and issue Lincoln County building permits. These building permits may be required for renovations, demolition, repairs, land development, and other construction projects. Permits can show if a building meets fire codes and other building regulations, demonstrate whether a building is safe to occupy, and they can also be used to prove that a construction project has a valid permit. Building Departments provide information on which projects require a permit, how to apply for a Lincoln County permit, and the rules for receiving a permit. They may also provide searchable databases of approved building permits on their websites.

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