Price County Permit Search (Wisconsin)

Clerk Offices in Price County, Wisconsin keep public records for a county or local government, including permits. Clerks may be responsible for filing and issuing Price County permits, including building permits, land use permits, access permits, utility permits, and special event permits. These permits allow property owners and residents to conduct demolitions and renovations, host temporary events, reserve public property, or conduct land development upgrades. They may also show whether a building meets fire and Price County building codes and include the name, date, and purpose of the permit. The Clerk Office provides information on how to apply for a permit or how to check if a permit is valid, and their permit records are typically available online.

Price County Clerk Phillips WI 126 Cherry Street 54555 715-339-3325

Town and City Halls in Price County, Wisconsin provide municipal services for their communities, including issuing and filing permits. These permits may be required for building projects, such as renovations, demolitions, repairs, zoning compliance, and land development. In addition to building permits, Town and City Halls may also issue Price County land use permits related to private roads, boundary lines, addresses, and water systems, as well as access permits, utility permits, and special event permits. Price County permit records can prove that a project has a valid permit, and Town and City Halls can also provide information on looking up permit rules, applying for a permit, or finding approved permits. These permit records are often available online through the Town or City Hall website.

Elk Town Hall Phillips WI N8314 Danish Settlement Rd 54555 715-339-2877

Emery Town Hall Phillips WI 2901 COUNTY Rd 54555 715-339-3395

Fifield Town Hall Fifield WI N13935 Ridge Ave 54524 715-762-2500

Flambeau Town Hall Phillips WI N11212 WARNER Dr 54555 715-339-3282

Hackett Town Hall Phillips WI W4891 Emery Hackett Rd 54555 715-428-2578

Harmony Town Hall Catawba WI W9095 COUNTY Rd 54515 715-339-6582

Hill Town Hall Ogema WI W4391 Hultman Lake Rd 54459 715-767-5150

Kennan Town Hall Kennan WI W11310 US Highway 8 54537 715-474-3443

Park Falls City Hall Park Falls WI Stop 1, 400 4th Ave S, Stop 1 54552 715-762-2856

Prentice Town Hall Prentice WI 400 Center Street 54556 715-428-2793

Sherman Town Hall Park Falls WI W4094 State Highway 182 54552 715-583-4422

Spirit Town Hall Brantwood WI W1316 State Highway 86 54513 715-564-3240

Worcester Town Hall Phillips WI W6895 Springs Dr 54555 715-339-3430

Building Departments in Price County, Wisconsin create and enforce building codes to ensure that buildings are safe. They also review and approve building plans, enforce zoning rules, and issue Price County building permits. These building permits may be required for renovations, demolition, repairs, land development, and other construction projects. Permits can show if a building meets fire codes and other building regulations, demonstrate whether a building is safe to occupy, and they can also be used to prove that a construction project has a valid permit. Building Departments provide information on which projects require a permit, how to apply for a Price County permit, and the rules for receiving a permit. They may also provide searchable databases of approved building permits on their websites.

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